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About Us

Norman Tippens, Psy.D

Norman (who also goes by Trey) is a licensed psychologist who partners with organizational executives to assist in the development of leadership training initiatives and climate improvement programs. He has spent his professional career supporting and creating professional development programs within the US Army Special Operations Command, US Army Talent Management Task Force, and NCAA Division I Football. Norman’s experiences working in these organizations have demonstrated to him the importance of getting the right leaders in the right positions, and then investing in those leaders’ professional development.

Now entering the next phase of his professional career, Norman has shifted his focus to other organizations and groups. Norman believes that there are extremely important, but also underserved, populations which do not have access to the same expert-level of leadership and climate development that elite organizations do. Norman’s passion is focused on improving the world by supporting society’s most impactful institutions and organizations. That is why his current focus is on developing leadership development programs for school and healthcare systems. He views these as two populations essential for our society, and also two populations which are currently experiencing significant stress.

This new line of work follows in line with the service-oriented life that Norman lives. Norman has supported numerous Habitat for Humanity and food-gleaning projects to provide for underserved and impoverished families in communities across the US. He was a leading partner in the development of the Train Vets to Treat Vets program in MA, which trained military Veterans in therapy to support the growing psychological needs of returning Veterans. He has also served in the US Army for 15 years, which includes tours in both Korea and Afghanistan.

Norman loves spending all of his spare time making memories with his wife and daughter. He holds a Clinical Psy.D. from William James College, and is a highly decorated Army Veteran with some of his awards including: 2 Meritorious Service Medals, 4 Army Commendation Medals, and 1 Joint Service Achievement Medal awarded in a Combat Environment. He has also been featured on National Public Radio and The Boston Globe for his work in the Train Vets to Treat Vets program.


Jeremy Noble, Ph.D.

Jeremy is a licensed psychologist who earned his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from The University of Southern Mississippi in 2014. Upon earning his degree, Jeremy joined the U.S. Army spending his first two years in a clinical setting, providing psychological services for soldiers and consultation to their commanders. Jeremy, then, transitioned to the U.S. Army Special Operations Command (USASOC), where he began working as an operational psychologist providing psychology-specific consultation from an individual to an organizational level to maximize individual/unit performance. He specializes in personnel selection programs, program-improvement research, and leadership/executive coaching.

Jeremy’s most fulfilling position was serving as the Command Psychologist of the 75th Ranger Regiment. Members of the Ranger Regiment are the epitome of professionals, and their leaders are some of the best in the world. It was at the 75th Ranger Regiment where Jeremy gained an appreciation for the power of effective leadership and a passion for sharing those lessons with other organizational leaders.

As a cofounder of Psyince, Jeremy aims to bring the psychological expertise, advantageously used by elite organizations within the U.S. military, to the civilian sector. Namely, his passion is to bring optimal leadership to underserved and deserving populations such as school systems to make the workplace more effective and its workers more fulfilled.


Aaron Delgaty, Ph.D.

Aaron is a cultural anthropologist and ethnographer specializing in crisis intervention and cultivating organizational resilience. His work broadly considers how creators and consumers make decisions in precarious socio-economic environments, paying close attention to the personal ambitions and cultural pressures that inspire and stymie these choices. He received his PhD from the Department of Anthropology at UNC Chapel Hill in 2020. He currently serves as a teaching assistant professor in the Anthropology department at UNC, as well as an independent consulting researcher to businesses, government organizations, and non-profits. 


Aaron is dedicated to applied research that helps build more resilient communities. Anthropology as a discipline - especially when grounded in ethnography - excels in extracting from the minutia of everyday life the patterns that animate human interaction and meaning. This insight is invaluable in tackling complex real-world challenges and developing engaging data-based interventions. Working between academic and professional communities, from single proprietor coffee shops to multi-generational Buddhist temples, from major industrial manufacturers to start-up craft breweries, and from local co-ops to national non-profit organizations, Aaron has translated abstract qualitative and quantitative data into approachable educational resources and actionable, impactful interventions.


Outside of research and teaching, Aaron enjoys watching movies with his wife and roughhousing with his daughter. His hobbies include pizza and video games. He volunteers as a mentor for the Brewers Association, and on the education committee of the North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild.

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