Using Science to Improve Leadership and Organizational Culture

If you are visiting this page, you are likely curious about the impact your organization’s leadership and culture is having on employee performance and productivity. Oftentimes the negative impacts of organizational culture can lay hidden and only manifest when it is too late to make measured changes.

Psyince can help.

Psyince's practitioners have developed and proven their methodology in one of the most demanding cultural environments on Earth: the US Army.  With our combined 20 years of active military service, we have worked with the most elite units in the Army, and helped develop a revolutionary re-imagining of the way the Army selects its leaders. Psyince's practitoners are trained to identify organizational culture and leadership blind-spots, and to identify and implement impactful interventions. The Psyintific Method provides a framework and outcome measuring instrument to give you the tools needed to align your organization’s culture with its goals.



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